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Counseling & Guidance

This program is geared towards shaping the orientation in the Girl child from the negative ideas that are planted in her by her peers and environments they grow up in, molding their future through counseling and guidance therapy. The counselors by their training and compassion for children become friends with community children and listen to their complaints, short comings and proffer guidance in a quest of molding the children in the right path to take in their life pursuit.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a difficult one even for the most balanced child, that’s why counseling is provided to help these young girls cope with the changes and challenges associated with adolescence and develop a sense of responsibility, to make definite and considerable personal decisions.

Counselling & Guidance Program pillars

  • Addressing social, educational and health issues

  • Parenting model skills training

  • Mediate reconciliations between parents and children

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