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De Angela Jane Smith

HWEO Vice President


+1 760-808-2449



500 Terry Francine Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

A Bit About Me

My purpose and passion have connected me to Hope Women Empowerment Organization. It has been a lifelong journey and dream to deeply serve and connect with likeminded people. HWEO allows me to assist those in need directly. Supporting Uganda's vulnerable population is an approach to resolving social issues and working toward a more positive change for the community. HWEO is consistent with my values and beliefs regarding encouraging equality, social justice, and hope for the young girl child. For this this reason, I volunteer my time, resources, and abilities to the organization. Despite the difficulty of non-profit work, it is achingly beautiful to stand in complete accord for social and economic justice.

I am currently, an adjunct professor, mental health practitioner, business owner, and doctoral candidate. On my spare time, I spend time with friends and family. I am rejuvenated by learning, engaging with others, music, dancing, travel, and drinking tea. My motivation for non-profit work is that “I would rather be influential, than important.” Proverbs 22:29

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